Article Year Month
Mutual trade between Russia and India: key issues and prospects 2019 March
Export Development Practices by Chinese TNCs 2019 March
Food embargo eff ects 2019 February
Eurasian e-commerce regulation 2019 February
Conceptual ways to develop Russia’s international trade container transit 2019 February
International sales contracts for oil and oil products: conclusion and performance 2019 February
Th e role of consulting services in international competitive bidding 2019 February
New modalities of Chinese-Russian energy cooperation 2019 January
OECD Mutual Acceptance of Data System (MAD) for Export Development 2019 January
Changes and structure of Russia’s imports from Vietnam aft er signing Free Trade Agreement between the EAEU and the SRV 2019 January
Increased protectionism in US trade policy 2019 January
Trends in Russia - Germany trade and economic cooperation 2019 January
Strategic aspects of Russia’s services exports 2018 December
Potential for Russia’s non-primary and non-energy export 2018 December
Dairy export to China demands new approach to Russian veterinary-sanitary regulations 2018 December
New horizons of Russia-Uzbekistan economic cooperation 2018 December
Transformation of Japanese trading houses’ foreign economic activities 2018 December
South-East Asia countries’ participation in international trade in aircraft parts and components 2018 December
Foreign trade of India and Central Asia 2018 December
Big Data Management in international contract and settlement operations 2018 December
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