Article Year Month
Features of international trade in motor vehicles 2013 September
International trade in intellectual property 2013 August
Armenia, Moldova, and Tajikistan: interaction with the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space without joining? 2013 July
Export potential of the industry for the development and distribution of information and communications technologies 2013 June
The East African tea auction: transaction procedure 2013 June
Russia’s foreign trade 2012 2013 May
International merchandise trade is at crossroads 2013 April
Features of empirical estimates of the gravity model of Russian foreign trade 2013 April
Cross-border trade as a component of foreign state policy 2013 March
Offset Transactions in International and Russian Foreign Trade 2013 February
System of measures of state support for exports in Switzerland at the present stage 2013 January
US in world trade in financial services: recent trends and cooperation with Russia 2013 January
The United States – the BRICS: Trade and Economic Relations 2012 December
Current state of Vietnam-ASEAN foreign economic cooperation and strategic directions to promote cooperation on trade and investment 2012 August
The downside of international cooperation 2012 July
Changing the function of marketing in corporate practice 2012 July
Forms of foreign expansion of Russian companies in the global soft ware market 2012 May
Promoting exports of the leading EU countries in view of the socio - economic condition of importers 2012 May
Mongolia comes back to the number of the largest trade and economic partners of Russia 2012 February
Тенденции посткризисного управления зарубежными компаниями в промышленности 2011 February
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