Article Year Month
Elaboration of commercial offers for the supply of military products based on off set agreements 2015 July
Aid for Trade in the context of sustainable development 2015 July
CSR as a tool to improve the competitiveness of Russian business 2015 July
Rules of origin in the negotiations on Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement 2015 June
Food security of Russia under contemporary economic conditions 2015 May
Expansion of cross-border cooperation on the basis of a model of participation of foreign companies in public procurement 2015 March
The WTO dispute settlement system and practice 2015 March
Russian participation in the WTO trade disputes and dispute settlement 2015 March
New directions in the practice of offering and using offset agreements 2015 February
Crisis of the institutional structure of international trade 2015 February
Resources and restrictions of the politics substitution of the import in industry 2015 February
The accounting system of the risks inherent in foreign economic operations 2015 February
Foreign trade management: content and tools 2015 January
Trade restrictive measures relating to international trade in marine living resources in multilateral environmental agreements 2015 January
Russia in international natural gas markets: possible prospects 2014 November
Conceptual aspects of modern interfirm production cooperation 2014 November
The EU case at the WTO over pork import ban and prospects of complaints over «food embargo» 2014 November
Free trade area between Russia and New Zealand: possible effects 2013 November
Russia’s trade and economic cooperation with the countries of East Asia 2013 September
Trade policy of Russia regarding wood and articles of wood 2013 September
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