Article Year Month
Big Data Management in international contract and settlement operations 2018 December
Pakistani foreign trade as the external factor of the national economic development 2018 November
From export of raw materials to processed products export: the example of Russian sunfl ower oil market 2018 October
Foreign trade of Germany 2018 October
Russia’s participation in international food trade 2018 October
BRICS mutual trade: potential and development patterns 2018 October
Singapore: Export structure of Telecom equipment 2018 October
International trade: USA on the warpath 2018 September
Expansion of Russian non-resource exports: potential risks 2018 September
Assessment of export diversifi cation in Russian regions 2018 September
Development of educational services exports of Russia and its regions 2018 August
Assessment of structural changes in the russian exports of agricultural products 2018 August
Th e dynamics of foreign trade in confectionery products in Russia 2018 August
Foreign trade of the EAEU with the TIR system 2018 August
Ural vector of Arctic opening up in context of big Eurasian space becoming 2018 July
Issues of the Doha WTO Round 2018 July
Сontracts сommercial aspects of international purchase and sale of licenses 2018 July
Tax aspects of foreign trade activities of the Republic of Kazakhstan 2018 July
Development of international trade and economic relations Republic of Uzbekistan 2018 July
Coordinated border management as a tool for trade facilitation 2018 July
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