World economy

Development of the «share» economy

Authors: Zelenuk A.N., Orlova G.A.

In the article the authors consider the development of new economic activity areas, based on the shared use of the goods. The possibility of using Web services in order to stimulate the shared use of the goods and services is analyzed. Particular attention is paid to the infl uence of economic factors on the development of the “share” economy. Besides, development opportunities of this kind of economic activity in Russia are stated; partially negative eff ect of consumers’ perception of the «share» economy concept in some countries is emphasized.

Performance issues of special economic zones in Russia

Author: Starostina M.I.

This article provides an overview of the issues experienced by Russia’s special economic zones. One of the first steps taken by the Russian government to promote regional development and industrial support was the creation of special economic zones (SEZ) in the country. Despite the fact that certain SEZs were established more than 10 years ago, their performance is signifi cantly lagging behind the forecasted indicators. This is due to the problems that arise at different stages of establishment and functioning of SEZ, including the lack of control over spending the budget funds and inefficient management of the zone. Increasing investment into a SEZ requires the use of integrated measures that should improve the zone’s performance.

Integration processes in North East Asia

Author: Kostyunina G.M.

The article is devoted to integration processes in North East Asia, the role of states in the world economic integration and the main norms of Regional Trade Agreements with their participation. The author analyzes the text of Free Trade Agreement between China and the Republic of Korea, which is a first stage of formation of the region-wide free trade area – North East Asia free trade area. The article considers the integrating and disintegrating factors, positions and interests of Japan, China and Republic of Korea, their economic cooperation that is a stimulus for increasing economic interdependence and complementarity in North East Asia.

Financing of Russia’s projects within Silk Road Economic Belt

Authors: Bochkareva N. I., Ivanov V.V.

The article analyzes the macroeconomic prerequisites for using financial sources and financing mechanisms for infrastructure projects within Silk Road Economic Belt program involving Russia. Considering best practices, the authors propose a universal model of designing financing mechanisms for infrastructure sector, using various methods of raising capital. Implementation of the mechanisms for financing infrastructure described in this article will enable Russia to modernize one of the most important sectors in its economy and will lay the foundations for sustainable economic growth.

World commodity markets

Development of Russia’s oil and gas exploration and production market under sanctions

Authors: Savinov Y.A., Khvalnevich A.V.

In the article the authors consider the trends and development problems of Russia’s oil and gas exploration and production market, emphasizing the high market share that is owned by foreign companies, and highlight the rapid growth in deliveries from China in recent years. It is stated that Russia’s oil and gas market has capacity to expand the development and sales of domestic products. The authors pay special attention to the development and implementation of the import substitution policy in this market and underline the economic and organizational measures for
improving the position of Russia’s companies in the domestic market.

Features of the global pharmaceutical market and the problems of its exploration by Russia’s companies

Authors: Karachev I.A., Sapir E.V.

The article examines the modern features of the global pharmaceutical market development in terms of searching the growth opportunities for Russia’s pharmaceutical companies on this market. The authors distinguished the following features: high volumetric and structural dynamics of the global pharmaceutical market; transformation of its segment picture; increase in the efficiency of the discovery process and development of new drugs; externalization and alliances of pharmaceutical companies. Besides, it has been proved that the innovation scenario of the pharmaceutical industry development, associated with the gradual inclusion of Russian companies into the global pharmaceutical market, is based primarily on the creation of the modern in all respects single pharmaceutical market of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Foreign trade activity

Trade in value added: empirical analysis

Authors: Idrisova V.V., Litvinova Y.O.

Analysis of international production chains implies both re-measurement of the degree of different states participation in the global economy as well as investigation of the factors that determine the integration level of national companies in the value chains. The last is particularly important since in the current situation there is a great need to rethink and advance the instruments of trade and industrial policy with a view to providing the necessary conditions for enabling the national companies to raise their competitiveness on the global market. The conducted research allows to compare the influence of different factors on the value added vs. aggregated total exports.

Intercompany cooperation in the power equipment market

Author: Posysaev Y.Y.

The author analyzes the areas of international intercompany cooperation, makes a reasonable conclusion that cooperation between companies of different countries has a significant impact on improving the international competitiveness of enterprises, promote the growth opportunities for the development of national energy exports of engineering products. Besides, the author specifies international cooperation development options for strengthening production and export capacities of producers of power equipment for power stations, as well as in case of power equipment imports in Russia and exporting it to other countries.

Investment activity

Prospects for investment cooperation between Russia and India

Authors: Akhmadulina T.V., Raspopov V. M.

The article analyzes the dynamics and structure of investments between Russia and India. The authors determine the main constraints limiting the expansion of Russian-Indian investment cooperation. The authors define a positive impact of the expansion of Russian-Indian investment cooperation for the Russia and determine the existing restrictions on investment applied by India’s government in each field of cooperation. In the conclusion the authors suggest the actions that should stimulate the investment cooperation between Russia and India in most priority areas.

Research reviews

Methods for evaluating production cooperation management efficiency in automotive industry

Author: Kurganov Y.A.

Based on the analysis of the current state of industrial cooperation development in Russia’s automotive industry, the article substantiates the significance of the territorial criterion in the classification of industrial cooperation forms that defines the split of the latter into local and international industrial cooperation. In this regard, the possibilities of elaborating the methods of industrial cooperation management efficiency evaluation are reviewed in the context of the objectives aimed at increasing the value added created by Russia’s automotive manufacturers, i.e. increasing the local integration level of Russia’s automotive market.


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