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"Russian Foreign Economic Journal" is the leading journal specializing in publications on global economy, foreign economic relations of the Russian Federation, development of the export base of the country.

The uniqueness of the journal is in wide range of publications, high professional level and relevance of the materials, fairness of presentation thereof. That allows to consider the journal to be a highly reliable source of information, sufficient for important decision making.

Being published by the Academy for over 10 years, the journal is the leading periodical specializing in publication of articles on foreign economic relations of Russia, on participation of domestic enterprises in international division of labor, as well as on development of the world economy and international trade. The journal contains such sections as: "World Economy", "Foreign Trade", "Trade in Services", "Financial Problems" and "Foreign Trade Consulting". The journal offers graduate and post-graduate students to publish results of their research under "Scientific Reviews" heading All publications are free of charge for all authors, including graduate and post- graduate students.

The authors of the journal are respected Russian and foreign scientists and professors of the RFTA, research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, RANEPA, Moscow State University, MGIMO University and other universities, including those from other cities (Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Tyumen, Irkutsk, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Belgorod, etc. ). In their articles they analyze the trends in international trade, development of export and import of certain goods in Russia, give ideas on solution of problems hindering expansion of sales of domestic products, and primarily of finished goods and services in world markets.

All articles received by the editors unconditionally undergo peer reviewing. The reviewers are either the members of the editorial board or invited experts on the specific issues of the world economy and international trade, foreign trade activity of Russian companies.

"Russian Foreign Economic Journal" offers great information resources, i.e. the primary sources on the problems of the world economy and international relations. Among the publications prevail the ones by Russian and foreign scientists and experts.

The journal accepts for publication articles related to the subjects of foreign trade and the world economy, of 0.4 pp to 1 pp volume in e-format. The subscribers enjoy priority right for publication.

In theoretical and applied publications aimed at search of optimal forms of domestic goods and services export development the Journal covers topical issues of contemporary Russia's foreign trade and of international economic relations. The Journal fully meets the requirements of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles which are an important factor in the growth of quality indicators of the journal.

The journal is registered with the Federal Service for Media Law Compliance and Cultural Heritage (registration certificate ПИ № ФС77-21463 of July 12, 2005). International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) of the "Bulletin of the Academy» is 2072-8042. "Russian Foreign Economic Bulletin" is included in "Newspapers. Journals" subscription catalog of Rospechat Agency, subscription index is 72031 and in "Press of Russia" subscription catalog, index is 87 735.

The prime strategic task of the journal is to be listed in international ranking of scientific journals (Scopus, Web of Knowledge, etc.). With this task in mind the main areas of the editorial staff activity are as follows:

1. Improvement of the level of scientific publications is an important strategic direction of the journal.

In order to improve the scientific level of the publications we ask all the authors to submit articles along with reviews of their publication. The reviewer should provide his /her full name, mailing address (company or home), telephone number (not mobile), and / or email address. Articles accompanied by such reviews shall be published as quickly as possible.

2. Organizational performance improvement. With respect to important facts and citations all articles must have footnotes, complying with State Standard (GOST), i.e. a full bibliographic description of the source, cited page number (for printed publications); the author of the document, its title and full name of the page on the web-site (for the documents obtained from the Internet). Reference containing the name of the web-site only is unacceptable.

All the drawings made by the authors and presented in the article should be accompanied by explanation stating the source of information applied in the drawing. All figures in the journal are black and white, so color drawings and diagrams are not accepted.

In addition, all articles must be accompanied by a "List of Bibliography", which contains all sources on the subject. Description of all sources should be made in accordance with State Standard (GOST). All printed publications (books, articles) should have an indication of the total number of pages.

All articles must have an abstract of at least 600 characters with spaces and keywords (at least 5 keywords for articles of 20 thous. characters and at least 8 keywords for larger ones).

3. The journal is actively cooperating with regional authors, publishing their articles as quickly as possible. In the future, we are planning to increase the number of regional authors, expanding direct contacts with regional training and research institutions.

4. Another strategic area is an increase of the number of publications by foreign authors. We consider it efficient to publish articles by scientists, business representatives and experts invited to the RFTA to give regular or single talks.

The journal is included in the Russian Science Citation Index.

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