World economy

Transformation of Globalization Dimensions

Authors: Dolgov S.I., Savinov Y.A.

In the article, the authors consider the transformation of globalization dimensions. It is no secret that increasing problems in the world economy in recent years have caused protest movements with anti-globalism slogans. The article reveals the origin of protests in many countries against the economic policies of transnational corporations. Besides, new forms and directions in globalization associated with changing international business factors are identifi ed: universalization of consumption standards, digitalization of international trade, in particular cross-border e-commerce, increased globalization of small and medium-sized enterprises, development of global value chains, etc.

COVID-19 Impact on Developing and Poorer Economies

Authors: Musikhin V.I., Rodygina N.U.

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread at astonishing pace around the world aff ecting millions of people. Th e human costs are already high and continue to grow. Th e pandemic represents the biggest economic shock the world economy has experienced in decades, causing a collapse in global business activity. Th e authors argue that lockdown and other restrictions were one of the factors that slowed down the growth of low-income countries and triggered changes in the global macroeconomic environment. Th e article provides an analysis of the current statistical data and the key economic indicators of the group of countries under consideration.


9 - 2020

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