Article Year Month
Economic rationale for government export promotion policy 2018 April
Outlines of structural transformations in international trade 2018 March
Foreign trade of Russia: the nature of rises and falls 2018 March
State support of exporters 2018 March
International trade in fuel and energy products: current state and prospects 2018 March
Внешнеторговые связи России в условиях нестабильной общехозяйственной конъюнктуры 2018 March
Foreign trade challenges for Russia’s agricultural sector 2018 March
Regulation of the global fi sh trade 2018 March
Risk management in transfer pricing 2018 March
Effective participation of Russia in the WTO 2018 March
Problems of terminology in customs practice 2018 February
Long-term trends and new developments in international trade 2018 February
Modern contents and forms of transport services export 2018 February
Japan’ policy regarding regional trade agreements and infl uence on Japan-Russia trade 2018 February
Preparation foreign trade negotiations: features of Eastern etiquette 2018 February
Food products export from Russia 2018 February
Foreign trade of Russia under deterioration of economic environment 2018 February
Th e role of international intra-industry trade in deepening integration in the Eurasian Economic Union 2018 February
Infl uence of shale oil and gas exports on the global coal market growth 2018 February
International trade in consulting services 2018 January
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