Article Year Month
Fundamentals of digitization of South Africa’s economy and foreign trade 2018 July
Economic, foreign trade and globalisation aspects of the fourth industrial revolution 2018 June
Export and import of Russia in times of crisis 2018 June
Oil and gas of Arab countries in world trade 2018 June
Current problems of the global sawn timber market growth 2018 June
The role of foreign trade in the development of alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages market 2018 June
Export Russian soft ware in the world market: the analysis of data for 2015-2017 and further prospects 2018 June
Effects of digital transformation on international trade 2018 May
Российский экспорт услуг: поиск новых драйверов роста 2018 May
Once again about customs terminology in the fi eld of classifi cation of goods 2018 May
Determinants of the EAEU-EU mutual trade in environmental goods 2018 May
Peculiarities of the pricing of investment consulting services in international trade 2018 May
The role of foreign trade in the development of oil and fat products market in Russia 2018 May
Th e development of international container transit in Russia’s foreign trad 2018 May
Intellectual dimension of international trade 2018 April
Export of Russian food products to the Asia-Pacifi c countries: aspects of non-tariff regulation 2018 April
Education services exports of Russia 2018 April
Integration in Latin America as a factor for foreign trade promotion 2018 April
Foreign trade of China with African countries 2018 April
“Non-market” dumping: new antidumping regulation of the European Union 2018 April
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