World economy

Rise in US crude oil production and emergence of new North American oil price indicators

Authors: Katykha P.B., Cvetaev Y.V.

Recent changes in the international crude oil market are bound to have an impact on the crude oil pricing system. Emergence of new price indicators is currently most active in North America due to the boom in US crude oil production. Th e most eff ective of the emerging price
indicators has objective possibilities for turning into a full-fl edged benchmark, which will become the starting point for assessing the value of other grades of oil. Despite the fact that the two largest world commodity exchanges (CME and ICE) and leading price agencies (Argus and Platts) play
a key role in the formation of a new price indicator, much will depend on the prospects for the physical oil market and changes in the transport and logistics infrastructure of fuel and US energy complex. Th is article focuses on the transformation of the WTI crude oil market and is a part of a
series of publications on crude oil pricing launched in the March 2019 issue of the Russian Foreign Economic Journal.

Foreign trade activity

Export potential of SMEs as a driving force of non-resource and non-energy exports of Russia

Author: Malysheva E.V.

Th e article defi nes and examines the issue of searching for new sources of Russia’s export potential as a way to diversify it and move away from the resource-based model. Th e need to develop the export potential of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is justifi ed. Th e reasons for the reluctance of some SMEs to open an export business, identifi es and analyzes the main shortcomings of the existing SME export support system are summarized. Th e article attempts to develop and propose a mechanism for the development of export potential, ensuring coordinated actions of the government and enterprises.

Trends in foreign trade cooperation between Russia and Mongolia

Authors: Avirmed D., Suhodolov Y.F

Russia puts a high priority on developing cooperation with the Asia-Pacifi c region, which is one of the centers of world economic development. Th ese countries include Mongolia. RussianMongolian relations are based on a long-term history of good neighborly relations and traditionally have a multidimensional nature. Th e article discusses the main aspects of Russian-Mongolian foreign trade relations based on the analysis of the changes in foreign trade turnover in bilateral trade and commodity structure. Currently, there foreign trade cooperation between the countries
is weakening. Th e article also considers the monostructural nature of trade between the two countries, which is very vulnerable. Th e national interests of Russia and Mongolia in the Russia–Mongolia–China triangle are acquiring special relevance and importance in modern conditions.
Implementation of joint projects in the mining and processing industries, modernization of infrastructure and development of tourism could intensify trade, economic and investment relations between Russia and Mongolia.

Current state and structure of international trade in services in the Republic of Korea

Author: Byungtaek J.

Th e purpose of this study is to analyze trade in services in the Republic of Korea and its current development trends. Th e article examines the state and structure of trade in services, in particular, exports and imports of the Republic of Korea in this area. With the calculated the RCA index in
the world market the position and competitiveness of the Republic of Korea is assessed. Th e data (the period from 2009 to 2018) from the World Bank, the International trade center and the Bank of Korea are considered for the analysis.

Russia’s agricultural exports:Islamic private equity funds as a tool to achieve national goals

Authors: Kulikova E.I., Tukhvatullin A.F.

Th e article considers the possibility of using Islamic fi nance instruments when exporting Russian agricultural products. Th e authors propose the option of creating an Islamic private equity fund. Th e general organizational model of the Islamic private equity fund is illustrated. An example
of a role model is given. Th e creation of a grain fund within the framework of the Russian Direct Investment Fund is proposed.

Some aspects of contract work for the development of Russia’s transport services exports

Authors: Golubchik A.M., Oreshkin V.A.

It has been proven that exports of transport and freight forwarding services can and should be a signifi cant source of foreign currency earnings for the country. Th e geo-economic position of Russia suggests that Russian exports of transport and freight forwarding services could be expanded,
thus resulting in signifi cantly higher foreign exchange earnings. To understand the nature and reasons for the current situation, the author reviewed the role of major modes of transport involved in international transportation of goods.

State of the global and Russian markets for international air cargo

Authors: Ahtanina M.O., Sokolova O.V., Kholopov K.V.

The authors evaluate the importance and role of air cargo transportation in the world economy and international trade, determine the main types of the transported cargo, analyze the volume and cost indicators of the world air cargo market during the last decade and reveal the main trends in the international air cargo market. Th e changes in the Russian market for international air transportation over the past decade with the main Russian airports, receiving, sending and processing international freight deliveries are identifi ed. Air cargo market trends in EAEU countries are determined and the performance of the Russian airlines - leaders of the Russian market for international air freight transportation - is revealed.

Corporate structure changes in online sales in Russia

Authors: Gavryushin O.Y., Dolgov S.I., Savinov Y.A., Taranovskaya E.V.

E-Commerce in Russia is developing rapidly with the broader range of commodities including consumer goods and services. Th e authors show the changes in sales of goods through e-Commerce channels, note the expansion of cross-border operations of e-Commerce fi rms, analyze
the main models of e-Commerce in Russia and China underlying the growing activity of China’s e-Commerce companies in Russia. On the basis of information on commercial negotiations between trading companies, the possibility of combining the eff orts of large Russian retailers and
companies that own e-Commerce channels is emphasized.

Implementation of environmental marketing concept

Authors: Vorontsova M.A., Zintsov K.S., Zintsova M.V.

Th e share of environmentally damaging industries is growing in Russian exports with higher share of goods that are harmful to human health in imports. In the modern globalized world more companies are seeking to enter international markets. However, a prerequisite for market access in
many countries, in particular European ones, is to confi rm that the provided products or services are environmentally friendly. Th erefore, the concept of environmental marketing implementation is gaining relevance. Th e article considers the model of environmental reforms on the example of Germany.

Research reviews

Some aspects of cooperation between the Republic of Buryatia and Mongolia

Author: Dambaeva N.P.

The article focuses on the study of the current relationship between Buryatia and Mongolia. In this regard, the key aspects of this cooperation are noted: economic and legal components. Th us, the study highlights the most promising areas of Russian-Mongolian cooperation in the
face of Buryatia, with special attention paid to the tourist profi le of relations between the Republic and Mongolia. It was proved that in the case of contacts of Buryatia with the neighboring state the reason for the underdeveloped character is the low level of management initiative. For this
purpose, the author proposes a method for assessing the management potential of the border region. Th e calculations based on the method and provided.

Development of ICT sector in India

Author: Perminov V.A.

In the XXI century, India has fi rmly established itself among the most promising countries in the sector of information and communication technologies. In the second half of the 20th century, the South Asian country underwent many changes starting from gaining independence to a total
change in the course of economic development in the 90s. At the turn of the centuries, India as an emerging market showed its potential to develop and become shortly an ICT giant. Th us, the government policies focused on the ICT sector and the participation of India in many international organizations (BRICS, SCO, G-20, etc.) boosted its growth.


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