Article Year Month
Foreign trade in fi sh and fi sh products in raw weight 2019 November
Import substitution: preliminary policy results for fi ve years 2019 October
An important tool for expanding Russian exports of engineering products 2019 October
Admission of foreign carriers and forwarders to national transport markets and freight forwarding services 2019 October
Analysis of the transaction for the import of plywood in Russia 2019 October
New legal aspects of regulating Russian agricultural exports 2019 October
Foreign trade of Russia: facilitating production processes 2019 September
US-China trade relations: causes of crises and prospects 2019 September
Th e LNG market in Northeast Asia and recommendations for Russian LNG exports 2019 September
Prospects for Russia’s exports of non-primary non-energy goods on new markets 2019 September
Russian market of international container transit in 2019 and its prospects 2019 September
Assumptions and problems of cooperation between competitive companies on foreign markets 2019 September
Situation modeling for decision making in international contracts 2019 September
Enhancing the role of maintenance in civil aircraft exports 2019 September
Export potential of SMEs as a driving force of non-resource and non-energy exports of Russia 2019 August
Trends in foreign trade cooperation between Russia and Mongolia 2019 August
Current state and structure of international trade in services in the Republic of Korea 2019 August
Russia’s agricultural exports:Islamic private equity funds as a tool to achieve national goals 2019 August
Some aspects of contract work for the development of Russia’s transport services exports 2019 August
State of the global and Russian markets for international air cargo 2019 August
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