Article Year Month
Features of E-commerce Development in BRICS States** 2020 September
Blockchain Technology in International Trade 2020 August
Регулирование инвестиций и торговли услугами в зонах свободной торговли 2020 August
Anti-formalism v. traditionalism as a new challenge to international law 2020 June
International Monetary Fund: sanction potential 2020 May
Prospects for combining international cooperation of Russia in the RIC and with the SCO countries 2020 April
Current State and Major Trends of Russian-Italian Trade and Economic Cooperation 2020 April
Directions of formation and potential eff ect of African continental free zone trade 2020 April
Imports of containers within the Eurasian Economic Union: peculiarities of customs processing 2020 April
Artifi cial Intelligence in international trade 2020 April
Technology, media, and telecom sector: producers’ strategies and tools to enter foreign markets 2020 April
New international statistical groups to study regional commodity ties 2020 March
International trade in services under digitalization: fi nding an optimal approach to regulation 2020 March
The impact of the new coronavirus outbreak on international trade 2020 February
Design thinking in international business: practices and tendencies of its implementation in Russian and French companies 2020 February


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