Article Year Month
Post-Pandemic Eff ects on International Trade 2021 February
EAEU and International Trade: Issues of Non-Tariff Regulation Improvement 2021 February
Special Economic Zones under China’s Belt and Road Initiative 2021 January
From Diffi cult to Simple in Search of Aircraft Declarant 2021 January
Technical Barriers to Trade: EAEU Practice 2021 January
Classifi cation of CIF and FOB Contracts and its Role 2021 January
Covid-19 Impact on International Trade 2020 December
Novelties in EU Anti-Dumping policy and WTO Rules 2020 November
«Tariff water» and International Trade 2020 November
Development and Use of Smart Contracts in International Trade 2020 November
Prospects and Implications of the US-China Trade War 2020 October
Dutch Scientists’ Contribution to the Study of Global Value Chains 2020 October
Features of E-commerce Development in BRICS States** 2020 September
Blockchain Technology in International Trade 2020 August
Регулирование инвестиций и торговли услугами в зонах свободной торговли 2020 August
Anti-formalism v. traditionalism as a new challenge to international law 2020 June
International Monetary Fund: sanction potential 2020 May
Prospects for combining international cooperation of Russia in the RIC and with the SCO countries 2020 April
Current State and Major Trends of Russian-Italian Trade and Economic Cooperation 2020 April
Directions of formation and potential eff ect of African continental free zone trade 2020 April
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