Article Year Month
Euro-denominated reference oil contracts under global energy markets uncertainty 2019 March
Climate challenges of the oil industry 2017 May
Discussion about development of market economy 2017 May
Climate challenges of the oil industry 2017 April
Russia’s role in the world oil and petroleum market 2016 September
Development of Russia’s oil and gas exploration and production market under sanctions 2016 August
Features of the global pharmaceutical market and the problems of its exploration by Russia’s companies 2016 August
Deliveries of counterfeit goods in Russia and abroad 2016 July
Experience of ASEAN countries in trade facilitation 2016 July
Recent trends in oil pricing 2016 April
World timber markets: state and prospects for Russia’s exports 2016 February
Need of increase of the Russian machinery competitiveness on the global market 2015 November
Global transformation of foreign exchange market structure 2015 October
Natural gas market is being modified for further development 2015 September
The global market for Islamic insurance 2015 September
Participation of Russia in the world energy market: problems and prospects of development 2015 March
Current state of Kazakhstan’s insurance market and prospects of access for Russian insurers 2014 February
Marketing communications market: dynamics and future prospects 2013 December
Key development areas of Russian Fuel and Energy Sector in the short, medium and long term 2013 July
Shale gas: an analysis of the industry and prospects of production 2012 November
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