Article Year Month
Importing Activities of Russian Businesses under Trade Liberalization 2021 February
Experiences of Trade Liberalization in Developing Countries 2021 February
Foreign Trade of Russia amid and aft er the Pandemic 2020 October
Foreign trade integration and harmonization of national interests 2017 November
Changes in the currency legislation to aff ect foreign trade participants 2017 November
Prospects and limitations of Russia’s participation in regional and global value chains 2017 November
Russia’s export potential on the world market for innovations 2017 October
Features of licensing contract 2014 December
BRICS trade policies 2014 August
The evolution of payment instruments in international trade 2014 August
Cluster policy as a tool for region’s international competitiveness improvement 2014 August
Методическое обеспечение анализа внешнеторговых связей 2014 March
Issues of improving the commodity structure of Russian imports 2014 March
International trade and cooperative production of power plant equipment 2014 February
Issues of improving the commodity structure of Russian imports 2014 January
Russia’s trade in food products with East Asia 2012 October
Развитие внешней торговли стран Содружества Независимых Государств: итоги 2010 г. (Начало) 2011 September
Импортозамещение как инструмент индустриализации экономики региона: инновационный аспект (на примере Нижегородской области) 2011 May
Внешняя торговля России в январе-декабре 2010 г. 2011 April
Надлежащая регулятивная практика как инструмент устранения нетарифных барьеров в торговле в регионе АТЭС 2011 March
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