Article Year Month
TAX Regulation of Foreign Economic Activities in Russia 2021 September
Russia and Spain: Towards a New Trade Strategy 2021 September
Russian-African Investment Cooperation and Concept of Territorial Interests 2021 September
Balancing the Areas of Foreign Trade: the Case of the Northwestern Federal District 2021 September
Enterprises of the Vladimir Region: Export Basket Analysis 2021 September
Global E-Commerce Trends in Russia:Implementation Problems and Solutions 2021 September
Russian Foreign Trade Activities under COVID-19 Conditions 2021 September
Foreign Trade Policy in the Context of Current Russian-Indian Cooperation 2021 February
Movement of Superpotent Substances Across the Russian Federation State Border: Foreign Trade and Non-Commercial Aspects 2021 February
Brexit: progress of negotiations, prospects, economic assessment 2020 February
Risk categorization for simplifying customs clearance 2019 December
Russia-Iran trade and economic cooperation 2018 September
Foreign economic policy in retrospective: advancement towards the open economy 2018 January
Система таможенного права и структураТаможенного кодекса Евразийского экономического союза 2018 January
Economic Aspects of Russian Military-Technical Cooperation with Asian and Middle East Countries 2017 September
Development of foreign economic relations of the Ural federal district in the context of spatial development perspectives 2017 September
Prospects for Russia’s export expansion and its state support 2017 May
Foreign trade agenda: overcoming recession 2017 May
WTO and mega-regional trade agreements 2017 May
Features of foreign economic relations for the development of Russian industry 2016 July
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