Yuri N. Savinov

Academic Department of International Trade Transaction Technology

Doctor of Economics, Full professor

Courses: Organization and technology of foreign economic operations

Qualification: Economist

Area of specialization: International Economic Relations

Professional development: 02.12.2014 Development and actualization of professional competencies in foreign economic activity (72 hours)

Total length of service - 52 years

Work experience in the area - 14 years

Education: Higher, MGIMO University

Scientific and practical specialization: Foreign trade in finished goods and raw materials, calculation of transaction efficiency, international e-commerce, commercial document flow in e- business, outsourcing in international trade.

Practical experience in Russia and abroad: All-Russian Market Research Institute (Associate Professor, Head of Section, Head of Division, Deputy Director, 1970-1992)

Member of the Export Council (VO Mashpriborintorg) - (70s-80s.); Expert on foreign trade prices of the Intergovernmental Commission for Cooperation in Electronic Equipment Trade (80s -90s)

Expert of the Soviet-French Commission for export development of machine-building products to third countries (80s)

Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation - Head of the Department of Foreign Economic Activity (1992-1994)

JSC Rosinterpartner, General Director (1990-1996),

US WEST (USA) Representation in Russia, Chief analyst of Sales Department (1994-1998),

Sales Department of Metromedia International Telecommunications Inc (USA) Representation in Russia, analyst of sales contract terms, (1998-2003),

"Russian Foreign Economic Journal", Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Member of the American Academy of International Business, Detroit, USA (1993).

Participation in consulting activities: VO Electronorgtekhnika - Consultant on foreign trade pricing, development of methods for export and import prices calculation and development of export of equipment and services.

Developed programs, training packages, including those in co-authorship: Programs: "Organization and Technique of Foreign Economic Activity" for Foreign Trade Management Department -3- (career broadening program), "Organization and Technique of Foreign Economic Activity" for International Economists’ department -3-4-(career broadening program) (in co-authorship), training package on organization and technology of foreign trade activities for the International Commerce Department (distance learning), "Topical issues of foreign economic activity", "E-Commerce", "Commercial document flow in e-business."

Publications (with publishing houses, magazines, mass media): Published more than 200 printed works, total volume – 300+ p.sh. in Publishing Houses ‘Mysl’, ‘Nauka’, ‘VNIKI’, ‘Japan Today’, journals "World Economy and International Relations, "USA: Economy, Politics, Ideology", "Foreign Trade", "Russian Foreign Economic Bulletin".

Certificates and diplomas: Certificates on computer literacy from Intermicro Co

Hobbies: Alpine skiing


11 - 2023

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