Article Year Month
Customs control in the Eurasian Economic Union and the Russian Federation 2019 January
Tax procedures: the experience of the Republic of Moldova and Romania 2018 August
EU banking regulation: legal peculiarity 2018 August
Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce 2018 July
Personal securities under the Common Frame of Reference 2018 July
Application problem of «unilateral sanctions» in modern international law 2018 May
Civil responsibility in Portugal 2016 April
International economic legal order 2016 March
The principle of non-discrimination «WTO law» 2015 August
Increasing complexity of the currency legislation 2015 May
Novel legal agreement on the Eurasian Economic Union 2015 April
Russia and West in the context of international law and civilization approach 2014 October
Consequences of adoption of the Space Assets Protocol (Berlin, 2012) 2012 September
Separate Opinions of Judges and the WTO: Lost Opportunities 2012 May
The possibility of using international experience to improve leasing legislation in Russia 2012 May
The analysis of the role of the International Telecommunication Union founding documents in its activities 2012 May
Legal grounds for innovation-based development of space activities (experience the West and traditions of the East) 2012 January
О некоторых проблемах толкования и применения терминов в таможенном законодательстве Таможенного союза 2011 August
ВТО и региональные интеграционные объединения: соотношение «правовых сил» в урегулирования торговых споров 2011 August
О международных налоговых соглашениях 2011 June
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