Article Year Month
Business presentations of international trade companies: economic effect 2019 December
International and Russian experience in licensing forwarders and carriers 2019 November
Building up students’ cooperation when teaching foreign languages 2019 October
Social entrepreneurship: synthesis of humanitarian and economic approaches 2017 October
Social entrepreneurship: synthesis of humanitarian and economic approaches 2017 September
Corporate culture as a means of developing the organization’s potential 2017 August
Modification to the Format of the Final Examination in the English Language in 2017 (Bachelor’s Course) 2017 June
Localization of advertising under economic globalization: psychological aspect 2017 March
Business cards: ins and outs of business exchange 2017 March
Peculiarities of Teaching a Foreign Language to Advanced Students 2017 March
Use of Authentic Video in Teaching Legal English Discourse 2017 February
Project management tools and the activities of Russia’s trade representative offices abroad 2017 February
Empathy as the key to successful business correspondence 2017 February
International tendering 2016 December
Linguistic Means of English allocated for success at foreign trade Negotiation 2016 September
Delegation of powers in practice corporate management 2016 July
Role of video in teaching English at university 2016 June
SMGS: new rules on international rail transportation of freights. What the exporter should know about it 2016 May
Formation of Metaprofessional Competence of the Teacher of Legal English Discourse 2016 May
Characteristics of the Mediative Competence of International Law Students 2016 May
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